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I am Saskia, maker & dreamer.

I am the person behind Sia Noir and everything from wedging the clay to packing the parcels go through my hands.

I am a former photographer, contrast and colors were a big part of my life already. 

Maybe that`s a reason why my pottery is full of contrasts and colors.

In winter 2020, after a long longing, I started pottery. First just for me and then suddenly, much faster than expected, it became my main job, I couldn`t be happier.

Incidentally, Sia comes from Egyptian mythology and means something like knowledge.

I realized that this is my way, that now is finally my time for ceramics. 


Noir - black. I mostly throw with black clay.
My glazes are always colorful.

My inspirations come from what I have experienced. 
Physically and mentally.

And now I hope you enjoy accompanying me on this path.

Über Sia Noir: Info
Über Sia Noir: Info

Roberta Bergmann stellt mir Fragen  zu meinem Weg in die Keramik, meinen Vorbildern und unserer Auswanderung in die Bretagne.

Du hast Lust mehr über mich und meinen Weg zu erfahren? Ich war Gast im Lebenskynstler Podcast von Sylke Verheyen:

"Der kreative flow" heisst der podcast von Roberta Bergmann und in Folge 79  sprachen wir über Keramik und Vermarktung in Zeiten von social media: Zu hören bei spotify oder hier:

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