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I am Saskia, maker & dreamer.

I am the person behind Sia Noir and everything from wedging the clay to packing the parcels go through my hands.

I am a former photographer, contrast and colors were a big part of my life already. 

Maybe that`s a reason why my pottery is full of contrasts and colors.

In winter 2020, after a long longing, I started pottery. First just for me and then suddenly, much faster than expected, it became my main job, I couldn`t be happier.

Incidentally, Sia comes from Egyptian mythology and means something like knowledge.

I realized that this is my way, that now is finally my time for ceramics. 


Noir - black. I mostly throw with black clay.
My glazes are always colorful.

My inspirations come from what I have experienced. 
Physically and mentally.

And now I hope you enjoy accompanying me on this path.

Über Sia Noir: Info
Über Sia Noir: Info

Du hast Lust mehr über mich und meinen Weg zu erfahren? Ich war Gast im Lebenskynstler Podcast von Sylke Verheyen:

"Der kreative flow" heisst der podcast von Roberta Bergmann und in Folge 79  sprachen wir über Keramik und Vermarktung in Zeiten von social media: Zu hören bei spotify oder hier:

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